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Branding is a marketing practice that involves creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products . The sales you make in your business depend greatly on your branding techniques (marketing).

Branding gives your business the attention it needs for sales. Imaging someone wants to buy your product e.g a phone that does not have a name, what will he/she say, may be something like this; "that phone that uses touch pad  with camera...." Thousands of phone use touch pad and are with cameras, so your product needs a name, not  just any name, a good name.
You might not know this but just the name of your business alone can attract Customer and potential customer.

A logo is a graphical mark, symbol, combination of names or sign etc that is use by organizations for recognition. A good and attractive logo can pull Customers to buy a product and vice versa.  It also helps to differentiate one product from another.


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Why, Business Resgistration?

Many people undermine,the importance of having their business registed, owning to ignorance and fear of cost on the other hand, little do they know that, the benefits far outweighs whatever fear or doubts they may be having. The truth is you can't proudly say, you own a business, or call yourself an entrepreneurs or a business man or woman when such business does not have legal backing or it is not registered. Without much ado, I will share a story with you to drive home my point. Sharon had just graduated from the University, while awaiting clarion call, she decided to learn fashion designing, which has been her passion all these years, she often daydream seeing herself doing sowing but since she couldn't combine academics with the hassle of learning fashion. She has waited for this time to come. She registered in a fashion school in the town she lives, she was learning steadily, four months into the training, clarion call finally came, she received her call -up letter, …
The business dictionary define branding as; the process involved in creating a unique name and image for a production in the consumers' mind, mainly through advertising campaigns with a consistent theme. Branding aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that  attracts and retains loyal customers.
As highlighted above branding involves giving your business a good name, image, quality advertisement and more. In Nigeria an many other places in the world,  most small business fail to recognise its importance in business, this is one out of many reasons why their  business never grow, even after making huge profit and being in operation for many years......

to be continued 

Having issues with writing cover letters?

Good day young Job seekers! Trust we are doing great today. It's nice to be taking you on this journey today, I am Judith and I would be dropping some points on COVER LETTER! Whose excited?
Quickly,  what is a COVER LETTER? Hmm... Big question if you ask me, but in simple terms a cover letter is letter that covers, I.e it give details about the undercovered aspects or areas of your cv or resume. Let me add that recently I found that resumes are not only for the purpose of job searching but that's a topic for another day. So back to our discussion, "cover letter", I said a cover gives details of your  resume, you want to talk about the wonderful things and why you are the best for the job,  a cover letter is the place to do it, you can either make or mar  your chances of getting "that job/appointment by your cover letter. Your would be employer "meets" you before he meets you via your cover letter. More often than not your cover letter gives a vivid de…